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E no Arashi!///Eの嵐!FANSUBS   「永遠の嵐♥」
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1st-Jan-2010 12:00 am - WELCOME!
E no Arashi
Before joining, please make sure you have read our very very simple rules. (Hint: It's more than saying "I will respect the rules" in your membership entry comment! Make sure you do it because it shows if you've read the rules! :P)

One thing to take note of: Though new members are still being added, the subbing group is inactive right now so no slow updates.

If you have not received an invite in one week, then please read the rules again and submit another request. If you are thinking "BUT I DID EVERYTHING CORRECTLY" then you can go ahead and send me an angry PM along with a link to your comment.

Membership currently closed.
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